Monday, May 30, 2011

Consider a Business Checkbook!

Our friends Sarah and Shara have a small business called Haven & Hill.  They concoct and sell yummy bath and body products.  Recently when I was in New Hampshire visiting with them, they said they needed a checkbook cover for their business account.  They had given me some samples of their soaps and bath bombs and creams, so I peeled a label from one and incorporated it in this checkbook cover.  The background is from a chicken feed bag that has a sophisticated color scheme and lovely graphic of a farm scene, which reminded me of the rural area where Sarah and Shara both live.

You'll notice that the checkbook cover is being elegantly and professionally held by a super lovely and pale hand that has long fingernails.  I found this mannequin hand in my travels through the garment district in NYC with friends recently.  It seems to say "This is an elegant  business checkbook cover, even if it's made out of a chicken feed bag."

(Note to Sarah and Shara:  I'm putting your checkbook cover in the mail tomorrow.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My friend Pat threw down a challenge the other day.  She said "Make a completely clear wallet!"  We speculated about how much fun it would be to carry a wallet whose insides were on the outside.  When you get pulled over for that little speeding infraction, no need to fumble around hunting for your driver's license-- just hold up your CLEAR wallet.  Add your own color and text depending on what you carry around.  Always know in an instant exactly how many quarters you have for parking meters.  The benefits are endless!

In the top photo you see a fully-loaded CLEAR.  You can feature a favorite photo or business card, sort of like choosing wallpaper for your phone screen.  Notice that there are small bits of text showing on the clear surface.  We made this wallet out of some heavy, clear plastic cases that a new pillow and some sheets came in.  The manufacturer had carefully printed various warnings on the plastic, so we included them when we cut out the material.  Don't want any of you confusing your wallet for a toy and putting it over your nose and mouth!  One of the sheet cases had the word "FULL" on clear tape, so we had to include that too, since your wallet will usually be full when you use it and it's good to have that cleared up right away.

The third shot shows how fine your coins and bills and credit cards look under shiny plastic.

And this final shot of the empty but opened wallet highlights the warning and also shows the many nooks and crannies into which you can not hide but reveal your wallet contents.

We've named this wallet the Patricia after my genius friend who issued the challenge.  You can have your own by ordering whichever wallet you want on a catalog page and specifying CLEAR in the notes.  Prices are the same for CLEAR as for regular wallets.  Any and all of our models can be made CLEAR!