Catalog: Big Wallets


 The Shara opens like a book and measures 7 inches by 4 inches when closed.  It comes with options:  a coin purse, and/or a small notebook, and/or one or two credit card cases.  It has two roomy billfolds that hold unfolded bills, all held snugly together with a button and elastic closure.   It costs $24, which includes shipping and handling.


Another Big Wallet, designed by Shara's Mom, is called the Shara's Mom.  It has the same billfold slots and choices for inside options as the Shara,  but it also has a full-size coin purse on the outside  (which can be used for money as well as for photographs, receipts, lists, tickets, etc.)  It measures 7 inches by 4 1/2 inches when closed.  The Shara's Mom  costs $25, including shipping and handling.  It is pictured below:

This outside view shows one of the large coin purses on the right , which is the outside front of the closed wallet.

The view to the right shows an opened Shara's Mom with one large coin purse on the left.

The above shows two Shara's Moms seen from the outside and closed.


We also have a Baby Shara.  It measures 5 1/2 inches x 4 inches when closed.  It comes with a choice of one or two coin purses or a coin purse and a credit card case.  The images below show our Baby:

The Baby Shara costs $22 including shipping and handling.


Our combination wallet consists of a Baby Shara with a removable credit card case.  The credit card case is actually one of our Ultra Slim wallets  attached with Velcro to allow you to easily remove it and slip it, loaded with just your cards and a few bills, into your pocket or small bag .  The Combo costs $28 including shipping and handling (two wallets for a little bit more than the cost of one).

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