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We differentiate Cases from bags.  All of our Cases are padded to protect the electronics that you carry inside them.  We make two basic designs:  those that are based on our Everyday Bags, and those that are based on simple padded envelopes.  We can make your Case in any size you want and with (almost) any features you would like.


Above, in bright birdseed bag material, is a large Laptop Case. It measures 14 x 12 x 4 inches and is based on the Everyday Bag design.  It has room for cables in the central compartment,  as well as flat material in the two flat pockets.  The Laptop Case sells for $63 including postage and handling.


The Notebook Case shown above is based on a simple padded envelope and can be made with or without a strap or handle.  The one shown has a handle.  (Specify in the special instructions box on the Paypal button if you want either a handle or a strap added to your notebook case).  The case measures 11 1/2 x 10 inches and sells for $40 including shipping and handling.


The Reader Case, opens like a book and has elastic straps to hold the reader in place.  It has a button and elastic closing for security.  The measurements are specific to the make and model of your reader.  You will need to specify in the special instructions box on the Paypal button the length, width, and thickness of your reader,  and also the length and width of the image area.

The Reader Case sells for $40 including postage and handling.


We've made a lot of custom cases, which are shown here along with their dimensions.  Remember,  if you want the Case made in different dimensions from those shown here, specify length, width, and depth in the "special instructions for case" box on the Paypal button.

Above are two views of a Padded Carry-on Luggage Case we have made.  (The Bob Marley images on this specially ordered case came from flattened-out soft aluminum cans).  Based on the Everyday Bag with its two flat pockets and roomy central compartment, the Luggage Case has a wide strap on the back for attaching this Case to the handle of wheeled luggage. This Case measures 14 1/2 x 12 1/2 x 4 inches.   It sells for $80, which includes postage and handling.

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