Thursday, October 3, 2013

Whatever Happened to PieceWorks?

PieceWorks is alive and well even though its poor neglected blog has been untended for the past eight months.  We've been extremely busy with custom orders, but we want to assure you that we still sell our regular wallets & bags on-line (as well as in outlets in Asheville and a few other cities around the country).

Because we're making so many large bags and cases these days, we've added a new category to our catalog-- Bigger Bags and Cases.  We have now added this as a new catalog page, which you'll find on our catalog list.  There you'll find
 iPad -sized bags as well as market bags and small lunch bags available for purchase on line.

 The bag shown here is an iPad -size bag.  It makes a great everyday bag for those of you who like a slightly larger bag than our Not-So-Small (the iPad bag is 9" x 11" x 1 1/2").  This bag also works great as a travel bag.  I used mine on planes as a carry-on and on trains and buses in Portugal and France this past May.  It worked so well and stood up to being over-stuffed, dragged across floors to stash it under a seat, carried in the rain, and every possible abuse I could devise for it.  I'm still using the same bag today.  It sells for $38, which includes postage and handling.

Of course this catalog page is also the place to custom-order your own bigger bag or case.  Just give us instructions on the Paypal page OR, better, email us at to give us exact instructions and get a price, which you can pay via Paypal money transfer or by check.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Like Text? You'll Love this Bag!

A customer asked us to make a bag for her to take the place of her old bag that she had carried for many years.  She wanted the bag to be black and white, with perhaps a small bit of blue or red, but mainly black and white.  She needed it to be an inch or so wider and taller than our usual cross-body bags because she carries a journal with her and wanted to be able to slide it in and out of a pocket.  She also wanted us to use the clasp and a mesh pocket from her old bag.

We really love the way this bag came out.  It's made of the text areas of bird seed bags (plus one bar code), and its slightly longer front flap covers the mesh bag.  There is also a pocket on the outside of the flap.  The bag has the usual three inside pockets.  The customer didn't need a separate phone pocket, but we could have added a phone pocket to the back.

We've made so many of these not-so-small bags that we're finally going to put them in our catalog.  We'll standardize the bags into three or four general sizes, but we will continue to custom-design them for anyone who wants different sizes and features.  If you want to give us special instructions, you can email us or send us a phone number and we'll call you.

The basic bags are 8.5" tall x 6.5" wide x approximately 2" deep and sell for $25, including shipping and handling.  See the catalog page (Bigger Bags) for details and prices for the other larger bags.