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These colorful and easy-to-spot big bags are great for hauling beach towels and picnic gear and groceries and plants and kids' clothing to and from an overnight and books and
workout gear and  carry-on luggage and any other bulky things you need to transport.  The bags are stripped down and simple with straps that are long enough to slip over your shoulder but short enough to use for hand carrying.

Our Average Loosie Goosie measures approximately 20 inches wide by 14 inches tall.  If you want your bag to be either taller or shorter, specify the height you want in the special instructions for bags box on the Paypal button.

The bags come in four styles:  unlined with no pockets ($28); unlined with one pocket ($29); or lined with no pocket ($40) or lined with one pocket ($42).   All prices include postage and handling.


This relaxed, oversized tote is made from a single softly-woven bulk produce bag, such as a rice bag.  The bag features an interior pocket for small items.  Great to carry relatively light but bulky items, such as you would find at the flower market, the farmers' market, or would bring to the beach.  The size of the bag we make varies according to the size of the produce bag. Price for this bag is $30, including shipping and handling.

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