Friday, January 2, 2015

New Designs and Back to Paintings

Our two newest designs are small, compact, sleek, and cost less than dinner in a medium-priced restaurant.  Both will be posted to our catalog in the next week or so, but for now you can order either one at  The first is a tri-fold that closes with a Velcro patch or an elastic band if you prefer.  It has a credit card case on the front that can be accessed without even opening the wallet. On the inside, shown below, are a flat pocket for a few coins or extra cards, receipts, tickets, etc., and a billfold.  A customer asked us to make this wallet for her out of her favorite coffee bag.  It's very similar to a leather wallet that sells on-line for $99.  Our price is $23 including shipping.

 This little wallet is my favorite these days.  Another customer asked us to design a minimal wallet for her, dispensing with coin purses and even credit card slots.  It's compact and flat enough to sit on comfortably but also works well if carried in a bag and used with an elastic band to keep it closed.  Inside you can see the pocket for very small cards and the two pockets for credit cards.  The billfold goes across the back and opens from the top.  It's also a great travel wallet, small enough to conceal in an inside pocket. 

Check our blog in the next week if you want to order by Paypal.  Meanwhile, you can email to order it now.