Tuesday, January 9, 2018

NEW Yoga Caddies!

We’ve been silent on this blog forever, but we’ve been very busy designing and filling orders.  One of the most fun and exciting things we’ve come up with is a very minimalist and easy-to-use caddy for your yoga mat and strap.  To free your mat and strap,  simply release the catch on the shoulder/yoga strap, pull it out of the rolled-up mat,  peel the Velcro fastener apart and unfurl your mat.  No wrestling with tight,  zippered tubes and strap cases.  

You can order this yoga tote right now by emailing us at weRpiecework@gmail.com.  We’re in the process of editing our giant totes Paypal button, but for now the best way to order would be to email.  Cost of this item is $18, which includes postage.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Carry-On Bags, Light and Strong

It has been way too long since I've updated this blog.  PieceWork is alive and well with new kinds of wallets and bags as well as old favorites.  I'm so excited about these carry-on bags that I've made myself sit down at my extremely slow ancient macbook and show you these bags!  Now that it costs money to check bags, we've designed these carry-ons to hold so much with almost no added weight for the bag itself that you won't need to check bags.  For the price of two checked bags you can have a carry-on that will do the job and not break your back when you try to heft a 60 lb rolling bag up to the overhead bin.

A customer wanted a carry-on bag that had two handles instead of a cross-body strap.  We made it with two overlapping top flaps that Velcro together.  Like all of our carry-on bags, it slides perfectly under the seat in front of you and is also just the right size to lift into an overhead compartment.  Because of the extreme light weight of the woven plastic and plastic film materials, it doesn't add appreciable weight to your luggage.  You can order (and customize) your carry-on bag at the Giant Totes link  here, which will lead you to our giant totes catalog page.  For this bag, specify Carry-On Bag with Handles.

To the left is my own carry-on bag, this one with a long front flap and a comfortable adjustable cross-body strap.  I have tested this bag on at least a dozen trips in this country as well as abroad, and I can tell you that is it the best carry-on bag I've ever used.  To order this bag, specify Carry-On Bag with Front Flap.  As always, we're happy to add a water bottle holder or special pockets (the basic model comes with a large central compartment and two flat pockets,  front and back) or any other features that you can think of to make your trip smoother.
Here's a side view of my carry-on bag.  You can specify all measurements of this bag, including the depth.  This one is around 8 inches deep.

If you want to talk with us about your bag needs, email us at weRpiecework@gmail.com, and we'll set up a phone call with you.

Monday, February 8, 2016

What Would You Like Us to Help You Carry?

Recently a friend told us about her neighbor who lives off the grid in the high mountains around here.    Every morning this woman hikes to a clean spring, fills two half-gallon glass Mason jars with fresh water, and then carries them home, one under each arm.  Our friend thought we might be able to design and build a backpack that would make the job of hauling water much easier.  Above are drawings I made of the details of the water carrier.  You would be amazed at how much lighter and less cumbersome two large glass jars full of water are when you carry them on your back with well-padded straps!

If you have a carrying need that you can't find a solution to, drop us a line and we'll work with you to design just what you need.  weRpiecework@gmail.com

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How to Order from Piece Work Wallets & Things

At Piece Work we make wallets and bags out of beautiful and durable recycled material that was headed for the landfill.  It's easy to order:  Catalog pages are listed at the right, and you can click on them,  OR you can simply click on the catalog page links below in this section.


To order small wallets click small wallet order.


To  order big wallets click big wallet order.


To order small bags click small bag order.


To order everyday bags click everyday bag order.


To order giant totes click giant tote order.


To order padded cases click padded cases order.


To order a custom design click design your own.


To contact us click contact us.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

We Are Updating

Please be patient while we are updating this blog site.  We have new products and new materials and are working as fast as we can to bring them to you!

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Designs and Back to Paintings

Our two newest designs are small, compact, sleek, and cost less than dinner in a medium-priced restaurant.  Both will be posted to our catalog in the next week or so, but for now you can order either one at weRpiecework@gmail.com.  The first is a tri-fold that closes with a Velcro patch or an elastic band if you prefer.  It has a credit card case on the front that can be accessed without even opening the wallet. On the inside, shown below, are a flat pocket for a few coins or extra cards, receipts, tickets, etc., and a billfold.  A customer asked us to make this wallet for her out of her favorite coffee bag.  It's very similar to a leather wallet that sells on-line for $99.  Our price is $23 including shipping.

 This little wallet is my favorite these days.  Another customer asked us to design a minimal wallet for her, dispensing with coin purses and even credit card slots.  It's compact and flat enough to sit on comfortably but also works well if carried in a bag and used with an elastic band to keep it closed.  Inside you can see the pocket for very small cards and the two pockets for credit cards.  The billfold goes across the back and opens from the top.  It's also a great travel wallet, small enough to conceal in an inside pocket. 

Check our blog in the next week if you want to order by Paypal.  Meanwhile, you can email to order it now.

Friday, June 6, 2014

NEW Loosie Goosie Big Bags

We're excited about our newest bags:  our Loosie Goosies!  We've been testing these out by hauling all of our stuff in them, including what felt like fifty pounds of books and art supplies to and from Barcelona last month.  We've also been lugging beach towels and picnic gear and groceries and plants from the herb festival and kids' clothes for overnights.  And these bags do great!  We make them out of that incredibly strong woven plastic, and if they're lined, they're probably strong enough to haul concrete blocks should you want to haul that.  In fact, on my recent trip to Barcelona, I saw dumpster-like construction debris containers made of this same woven plastic!

The bags are stripped down and simple with velcro closings across the tops and straps that are long enough to slip over your shoulder.  Because of the simple construction, we're selling them for only $25 if unlined and $35 if lined, and they're light enough to ship for around $4.  We can make them to your specifications regarding color, materials, theme (chicken, dogs, cats, birds, etc) and size.

These aren't in our catalog yet,  but they will be by Tuesday.  But if you want to rush order one today, just email me at this address  and I'll get started on it.  Then you can place the order Tuesday and we'll have it to you within the week.