Tuesday, January 9, 2018

NEW Yoga Caddies!

We’ve been silent on this blog forever, but we’ve been very busy designing and filling orders.  One of the most fun and exciting things we’ve come up with is a very minimalist and easy-to-use caddy for your yoga mat and strap.  To free your mat and strap,  simply release the catch on the shoulder/yoga strap, pull it out of the rolled-up mat,  peel the Velcro fastener apart and unfurl your mat.  No wrestling with tight,  zippered tubes and strap cases.  

You can order this yoga tote right now by emailing us at weRpiecework@gmail.com.  We’re in the process of editing our giant totes Paypal button, but for now the best way to order would be to email.  Cost of this item is $18, which includes postage.

1 comment:

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