Wednesday, September 1, 2010

NEW ultra-slim wallet

Our friend Patrick Webster from Detroit, MI, asked us to design a very compact, minimalist wallet for him.  He is currently field-testing it for us, and has sent a picture to show it in action. 


  1. what are the dimensions of the ultra slim?
    great blog and such beautiful drawings!

  2. The ultra slim is 3.75 x 4.50". It's flatness is relative to the amount of cards and bills carried in it! Thanks for your comment. We are happy to custom design using your materials or your choice of our materials.

    Gwen and Fran

  3. One of the best slim wallet products on the market today is the slimmy Slim Wallet. This product is widely known and holds an outstanding rating on Amazon with tons of great customer reviews. You can't go wrong with the slimmy by koyono!

  4. I've checked it out, and it IS an interesting design if you want a leather wallet. Our mission is to use recycled materials in our designs, though. It would be interesting to experiment with looser, more open designs such as the Slimmy and see if they stay closed when made out of our materials. Thanks for the information!