Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Three Little Black Bags Go to the City!

Well, two of them are black, but the third one is just as sophisticated because it's made out of an Urban Outfitter's shopping bag and has a genuine dogtag chain for a strap!  The black bags are made from an onion bag (on the left) and a Kettle bag (on the right).  We designed these for Laura Oltman, who lives in Brooklyn, and manages a small clothing shop in Park Slope.  She wanted a small shoulder bag, in black with abstract designs, to wear with summer dresses.

Even though we're currently deep in the frozen belly of winter, it's nice to think of Laura walking down 7th Avenue wearing her black bag with a breezy summery dress.  We love these bags so much, and we think it's amazing how sophisticated and big city our humble materials look!  You can order your own on the Small Shoulder Bags page.  Specify black and either Kettle or onion bag material.  (Black onion bags are getting extremely rare, but we'll do our best.)

1 comment:

  1. Gwen, these look absolutely precious AND practical. Every time I whip out my chicken wallet people ask me about it. It's a crowd favorite for sure. And also, I adore the calendar you made for me. You rock.