Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Notebook Wallets are now Officially HERE!

A few months ago a friend asked me to make her a Shara wallet that could be used as a notebook or journal cover.  She wanted a coin purse on the back flap, and enough space in the spine of the cover to fit a journal that was about 3/4" thick.  I made the cover for her, and then she made a small Coptic bound book using pieces of recycled cereal box for the front and back covers, which she slipped into the flaps.  Another friend saw her book and asked me if I could make one for her, only she wanted me to sew in the pages, to make a permanent book rather than a book cover.  No problem.  And I liked the way that one looked so much that I made one for myself.

Then when I was in New Hampshire last month visiting my son and his family, he asked me to make a notebook for him to keep notes about his chickens.  Naturally he wanted it made out of a Purina chicken feed bag.  So now we've decided to start carrying these handy notebooks for you to order.

Here are the features from which you may choose:  either a book cover or a book;  whatever size you would like-- just tell us length, width, and spine thickness;  a coin purse or not;  a credit card case or not;   and your choice of color, material, etc.  You should also specify what kind of paper you want in your notebook:  regular writing paper (with or without lines), drawing paper, lightweight watercolor sketching paper, colored paper.  If you have a certain kind of paper that you love, tell us what it is and we'll try to find it for you.  You can also mix and match paper-- some drawing paper, some lined writing paper, even some tracing paper.

If you order a book cover, the cost is $15 plus $3 shipping and handling.  If you want us to make the book sewn into the cover, we will have to add the cost of paper.  Unless it's a very expensive paper, the price of the book will range between $ 20 and $30.  We think the best way to handle these orders is via email, at least for now.  It may turn out that people are pretty standard in their wishes for these books and book-wallet hybrids.  In that case we'll make a catalog page for books.  So let us know if we can make a wallet-book or a book cover or a book for you.  Email us at with your specs. 


  1. Sooo... here's the son's take. I love my Mom's trillion little, and not so little, handmade books and am deeply admiring of her creativity. I've always wanted a Shara! So when I saw her most recent trip journal next to the pink chicken Shara she had, I thought what a great way to get a piece of the action!

    I carry it everywhere. I made a rule for it. No rules. Actually. I don't allow myself to stop myself doodling, writing, using it as scratch paper. I don't want it to dry up from disuse as so many of my other "journals" do because I don't have enough X to record in the X journal. So this one - no rules!

  2. Great idea for journals! Rule-free zone. But do you sometimes carry it to the coop?