Friday, January 13, 2012

Sketchbook Wallets are Here!

For several months now we've been playing around with making sketchbook or journal wallets out of our recycled materials.  We've sold a few to friends.  Yesterday I made a new one for myself, and it's posted here.  The journal behind the new one is an opened-out old one from several months ago.  If you want to talk with us about designing one for you, email us at  We can make them any size and shape you want, with or without pockets, coin purses, or other options.  They are most similar to our Shara wallets, and they cost between $19 and $25, depending on whether you want us to sew in the paper or just make a cover into which you can slip your own paper.


  1. great images, they look pretty cool these new covers. what a thrill to have one made by such esteemed journal makers! tempting...

    1. You can send us your own bag, too, if you have a favorite coffee bag or pet feed bag or potato chip bag---