Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sweet Sweet Potato Wallet

A customer dropped off a couple of sweet potato chip bags and asked us if we could use them to make her a standard wallet.  The material was not one of our usual ones, so we pieced it in with some proven materials, and here it is! 
And when you open it out, there's a whole sweet potato from a different bag.  We added a reinforcement patch at the vulnerable double fold spot, and it looks like one of the chips.

We welcome bags from you as well as ideas for what you want us to make for you out of the bags.  As we've said before, we love a challenge, and new designs are our favorites.  (When we're working with new, untried materials, we will replace your wallet for free if it develops problems within a few months of purchase.  We do our best to reinforce and strengthen the materials, but we can't predict how materials will wear.  Hence our Free Replacement policy for experimental wallets.)

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