Friday, June 6, 2014

NEW Loosie Goosie Big Bags

We're excited about our newest bags:  our Loosie Goosies!  We've been testing these out by hauling all of our stuff in them, including what felt like fifty pounds of books and art supplies to and from Barcelona last month.  We've also been lugging beach towels and picnic gear and groceries and plants from the herb festival and kids' clothes for overnights.  And these bags do great!  We make them out of that incredibly strong woven plastic, and if they're lined, they're probably strong enough to haul concrete blocks should you want to haul that.  In fact, on my recent trip to Barcelona, I saw dumpster-like construction debris containers made of this same woven plastic!

The bags are stripped down and simple with velcro closings across the tops and straps that are long enough to slip over your shoulder.  Because of the simple construction, we're selling them for only $25 if unlined and $35 if lined, and they're light enough to ship for around $4.  We can make them to your specifications regarding color, materials, theme (chicken, dogs, cats, birds, etc) and size.

These aren't in our catalog yet,  but they will be by Tuesday.  But if you want to rush order one today, just email me at this address  and I'll get started on it.  Then you can place the order Tuesday and we'll have it to you within the week.

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