Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Design!

We had an email from a Shara Buffington in Enfield, New Hampshire, asking us if we could custom design a wallet for her.  She had an old black leather wallet that she wanted us to make out of our materials.  She also wanted a few changes-- a coin purse, a small notebook and a button closure. 

We love design work, and we happened to have some excellent material that suited her wishes as far as colors and theme went (chickens, reds and other warm tones), so we got to work. 

I then made the watercolor above of  the closed wallet (to the left in the painting)  overlapping the opened wallet.  You can see the cover with its great eggy button and serviceable elastic;  to the right you can see the ten credit card slots, coin purse, and sketch/notebook.  You can't see the two billfold sections, but the arrows show you where they are.

We love the way Shara's wallet came out, and after she field-tests it for a few weeks and gives us feedback, we'll make whatever modifications she suggests.  Stay tuned!  We expect to begin selling these larger wallets soon!  They measure around 6 inches high by 3 3/4 inches wide closed.  (Shara wanted to be able to slip it into her bag.)

Meanwhile, gift-giving has commenced, and-- although we did not jump into the Black Friday fray-- we hope you'll think of us when you're looking for small gifts that are super-easy to mail, stunningly light to carry in your luggage if you're traveling and want to bring a few along for gifts,  eminently affordable, and can be custom-made to suit the person you're buying them for.


  1. Egg-cellent design, Mom!! I'll ask Shara to see it next time I see her!

  2. thanks Mike! we love the eggy button especially. would you like to have a wallet with an eggy button? love, Mom

  3. I have seen this one in action and it's awesome! I think I may need to order one. My little fabric coin purse/card holder is wearing thin.

  4. Hi Sarah- Just say when and we are happy to make you a big wallet like Shara's! Actually, I'm getting ready to make one for someone else, too, so it's time for us to put it in the catalog. But for now, you can order it this way: Go to the Ultra-Slim page and order two Ultra-Slims. The price of those two will equal one big wallet , including shipping and handling. The email me at and tell me what kind of material you want and any other particulars. I will know it's you ordering the big wallet when I see your name ordering two Ultra-Slims! And we'll send your big wallet in a week or so after we get the order.