Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Overworked Wallet!

Recently my sister-in-law. Mary Daugherty, ordered a red Kettle wallet from us, and when I was visiting her in Michigan last week, I asked her how her wallet was doing.  We are always interested in  how our wallets are doing so that we can learn about any problems in our materials or designs and can work to correct them.  Mary loves her wallet, but she said she had had to fix it with clear tape because it had split slightly across the back seam.  I was upset that this had happened and in such a short period of time, so I asked her some questions about how she had been using it.  Mary said she had been on a trip with the wallet and had stuffed the credit card pocket behind the coin purse full of one dollar bills at the same time she had filled the coin purse with change.  She thought she had just overstuffed the wallet.

Well, an overstuffed wallet can be a problem, but we felt that a well-made wallet should be able to handle some overstuffing, and we started experimenting.  As a result of many tests, we realized that material such as Kettle film tends to tear when stressed along a row of stitching, especially if the stitches are relatively short, resulting in close-together holes.  We then decided to try the wallet without the row of stitching (which we always included in order to divide the back compartment in two in order to separate any cards that people put in there) and see what happened. Here's the revised wallet:

We like the newly-designed wallet very much and think you will, too.  But we still need to field test it, so we're making all of our new Kettle and other plastic film wallets without the back seam.  If you want to test drive one, order it on the Kettle page and specify test-drive on the order page.  We will mail you your wallet, and if you email us information about the performance of this wallet in three months, we'll send you a refund for the price of your wallet.  Also, if you have had a problem with the back of your wallet splitting, please let us know about it by emailing us at and we'll replace your wallet for free with the new design.  We want you to be fully satisfied with your Piece Work wallet!

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