Thursday, March 24, 2011

Getting Lighter and Lighter

Lightening up as the weather grows warmer means lighter clothes, lighter shoes, and certainly lighter bags.  Shortly after I can't stand the thought of socks, I can't stand the thought of lugging a heavy bag either!  Piece Work has a solution:  this summer, instead of carrying everything with you all of the time, do spring cleaning of your bag, and transfer the essential items to one of our small shoulder bags.  And then, to make things even lighter, transfer the most essential of the essential to one of our Ultra Slims.  This way, when you leave the house, you can put the Ultra-Slim with your driver's license, a couple of credit cards, and a few bills plus your gym card inside your small bag (which might also be holding your phone, keys, and a pen a stick of gum).  Then when you get to the gym or the park where you plan to take a walk, slip just the Ultra Slim in your pocket and hide the bag with your other things in your car.

To encourage you to try our Light Combo, if you order a Small Shoulder Bag and an Ultra Slim, we'll slip a $3 refund into the pocket of the Ultra Slim, put the Ultra Slim inside the Small Bag, and ship the two to you in one light package.  This offer is  good for spring cleaning time only, March 20 - June 21.

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