Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to Recycle a Recycled Wallet

If your wallet is getting a little scuffed and worn,  or if you're just getting a little bored and are longing for a change, consider recycling your wallet and treating yourself to a bright new spring one!  To help you do that, we're running a SPRING SALE until the summer solstice-- June 21.  Here's the deal:  between now and the official end of spring, we'll send you $3 back on every wallet or bag that you order through this blog and $2 back on every Ultra -Slim or checkbook cover.  Place your order as usual, and when we ship it to you, we'll tuck your rebate into your wallet or bag or checkbook cover. 

Now for the big question-- what do you do with your recycled wallet when you want to retire it from its active life as a wallet but it still has some life left in it?  Here are a few ideas: 

1.  Make a planter out of it (see the illustration above)
2.  Open it out flat, cut a small X in the center and a slit leading from the center of one side to the X;  then slip it around the stem of a newly-planted tomato plant to protect it from cutworms and as a mulch.
3.  Open it out flat, fold it in thirds, and use the resulting skinny rectangle to cushion a branch of a tree or bush  that you need to tie up.
4.  Fold it like a small tent, push the tent up against a brick or a piece of garden edging stone, and you have a fine toad house for one of the most useful garden predators around.
5.  Open it out so its bright colors show, and hang it in your garden as a scarecrow.
6.  Cut it as described in #2, only slip it around the trunk of a blueberry bush as a permanent mulch.
7.  Open it out and fill it with potting soil as in the illustration, and use to to start seedlings indoors.
8.  Use it to store seeds as you collect them.  Put the seeds into small folds of paper, label them, and tuck them into the various pockets and slots of your old wallet for safekeeping over the winter.

These are just some off-the-top-of-our-heads ideas.  If you think of others, send them to us in comments, and we'll send a FREE wallet or bag or checkbook cover to the people who send us our five favorite ideas that we get before June 21!

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