Monday, April 18, 2011

Another New Design

We had an email from Shara Buffington's Mom Susan the other day asking if we could make her a large Shara wallet, only there were a few changes that she thought would make the wallet work better for her.  She liked the size of the Shara and she liked the ten credit card slots, but she wanted two compartments, one on the outside and one on the inside, to hold photographs of her grandchildren.  She referred to these new compartments as coin purses, so we simply sized up our standard coin purse so that it would fit on the outside and inside of the left-hand flap.  It took a little playing around and a few false starts, but the final wallet came out so well that we've decided to carry it as another choice in our Big Wallets category. 

The day I was walking around thinking about this new design, I met up with  a friend who handed me a bird seed bag and asked me to make a Shara out of it for her.  I mentioned that I was concocting a new version of the Shara, and she liked the sound of it so much that she asked me to make one of those for her.  So look below to see photographs of Shara's Mom Susan's Shara's Mom as well as Laurie's Shara's Mom!  (You can custom order your own Shara's Mom on the Big Wallets catalog page.  And remember, everything is on sale until June 21!)
The original Shara's Mom is on the left, and Laurie's Shara's Mom is on the right.

This is the inside of Shara's Mom's Shara's Mom showing a big coin purse on the left and credit card case on the right (and bill folds under each of these).

This is the outside of Laurie's Shara's Mom, showing one of the coin purses on the front (right side).

And this is the outside of Shara's Mom's Shara's Mom.  The lighthouse, which Susan requested, came from a bag of Cape Cod potato chips.


  1. gosh, I love these designs. I think these wallets are collectible.

  2. You are so kind! I'll bring you another wallet for your collection when I come to NY in May!