Friday, June 17, 2011

New Look for Piece Work Wallets & Things

We hope you enjoy our new look and that it makes it easier for you to find your way around our blog and discover exactly what you're looking for.  As we develop new designs and different ways to use our materials, we're moving toward sorting our things by style rather than by material.  Our catalog pages are still basically the same (although we've edited the titles to better reflect the new design-based categories), but soon we will be combining all the standard wallets onto one page instead of breaking them down into the four materials categories that we have them in now.  And the step after that will be to make it possible for you to click on the categories right under the masthead in order to get to the catalog page you want. 

We also have a few new designs in the works-- one that's a small version of our big Shara wallets,  one that is a sleeked-down version of our standard wallet,  one that's a re-thinking of the Ultra Slim, and one that's a slightly larger version of the already big Shara.  As always, these designs are driven by what YOU tell us you want.  We really enjoy designing and finding ways of using new materials.  So keep your ideas coming!  And please let us know how your wallets and things are working for you and what we can do to make them better.


  1. Thanks, Melly! I'm getting ready to make paper out of -- you will never believe-- celendine poppy, a close relative to the plant we found at the BBG last month. It has the same bright yellow sap, good pigment for ink, and it has be,en growing in my garden for the past four years but I never knew it had that sap! It's supposed to make pretty yellow green paper.