Friday, July 8, 2011

A NEW Smaller Big Wallet!

We love our Sharas and Shara's Moms so much that when a friend asked if we could make one for her that would fit into her new smallish bag, we decided to have a go at it.  The result:  a Shara that measures only a little bigger than a 3 x 5" index card -- 5 1/2 x 3 1/4"-ish to be more exact-- and yet it holds as much as a standard Shara.  It's small enough to slip into some side pockets, easy to carry in most bags, and all without sacrificing much in carrying capacity.  (There ARE some situations in which you would do better with a standard Shara or Shara's Mom, such as if you regularly carry lots of bills or change or dozens of pictures or really love a ten-slot credit card case; so these baby Sharas are NOT replacing our wonderful regular Sharas and Shara's Moms.)
The view above shows an opened Baby Shara.  The credit card case in this one is made of clear material and has five slots.  The coin purse is large, and we've designed pleated sides to make it easier to get into.  There are bill fold pockets directly under the coin purse as well as under each side flap.

The view below shows two more possibilities for these wallets.

And the very bottom image  shows the inside of the cat wallet in the first image.  It has a Kettle material credit card slot.

 Order your Baby Shara on the Big Wallets page.  The price is the same as a regular Shara because it takes us just as long to make a little Shara as a big one.

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